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At Doyle Murtagh & Co, success is dependent upon the success of our clients. Our ability to provide appropriate advice and guidance to our client’s satisfaction is fundamental to establishing beneficial long term client relationships.

We specialise in future oriented, client centred proactive accounting and business advisory services across SMEs, be they Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Start Ups or Partnerships. We understand you want peace of mind and security as a business owner and we work for you to achieve that.

We believe in accessibility and contact, and our policy is to provide a genuine personal service for each client, large or small. At Doyle Murtagh & Co you are not on the clock with each telephone call. We believe in providing free telephone support to our clients, preventing small issues becoming major headaches.

We are registered as auditors and authorised to undertake investment business services in Ireland by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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